This site is geared towards users who are using iPhones in conjunction with T-Mobile prepaid. T-Mobile used to have a number of sites (ESPN, CNN, ABC, etc...) that were available for free with the prepaid plans. Unfortunately as T-Mobile introduced web2go to replace t-zones, many of the links to those sites disappeared. This site contains links to sites which still work with T-Mobile prepaid.

If you're not able to browse the Internet on T-Mobile's network, make sure that you set the Access Point Name (APN) to wap.voicestream.com or epc.tmobile.com. On the iPhone this is in Settings - Network - Cellular Data.

Note that this site and the links contained therein will not work with T-Mobile branded Android phones.



1. Connect via WiFi and Log Into Mail.
2. Go into the options (bottom left) and make sure you opt to go back to Classic Mail.
3. Once authenticated you may directly Go to Mail for about 2 weeks.



When you find a site to browse, select Options - Mobile Format next to the link. If you do not see this option, you may have to go into settings and turn on Format Pages for my Phone.



In the UK site you can log in, view saved searches/watched items, track bids, and see time left, but you can't search or browse for items. The site tmo.ebay.com can be used when connected by WiFi.

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